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They're coming for your daughters and sons... (2)

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The UN Population Fund has just released their annual State of the World Report and it is the worst possible news for girls and boys all over the world.


The sexual radicals have your children, MY CHILDREN, in their crosshairs.


This new report by one of the most powerful UN agencies in the world tells governments that your children must have UN-style family planning. That means pills, injections, IUDs and the whole panoply of evil devices that will ruin their bodies and take their souls.


And if all these evil devices fail? Well, there is abortion, always abortion, everywhere abortion.


The sexual radicals want to get your sons and daughters involved with these things by imposing on them what is called "sexuality education." Forgive my language, but they want your kids looking at pornographic images, masturbating and having sex at earlier and earlier ages.

Why do they want our sons and daughters? Because it is faith-families who are the best line of defense against their global agendaof population control and sexual deviancy. The way to undermine faith-filled families is to target kids and target them at 8, 9, 10 years old.


I ask you to look above this text and gaze into the innocent faces of those school girls kneeling and singing their prayers. The sexual radical despise this. They hate it. They know they cannot overcome this except by lies, and by force and by coercion.


We can stop them. We really can.


UNFPA and its wicked allies like Catholics for Choice have attacked C-FAM and the Friday Fax for years and years. They hate us and how happy we are about that. They are the enemy of all that is good and true so we celebrate when they hate us because they hated Christ first.


We can stop them, but not without your help. In the next 48 hours we will release our Friday Fax report on the new UN report targeting kids. This will be the first time any of our friends around the world will know about this report. In fact, if we did not report on it, faith-filled people around the world would never know about it. And how dangerous that would be!


The Friday Fax plays a vital role as the Watchman on the Wall, telling the world about really goes on at the UN. I get notes of profuse thanks from Africa, Asia, Latin American, tiny islands in the Pacific Ocean. I get emails from rural homes in the poorest parts of the world. And they all say the same thing. Thank you for exposing the truth!


Knowledge is the first line of defense. The evil one and his minions do not want you to know what he is doing. Hah, I say. We will tell everyone about the evil you are doing to little bodies and little souls.


We need your help right now to keep the Friday Fax solvent. It is amazingly expensive, about $200,000 per year which means I have raise $16,000 every month year in and year out.


Where does all that money go? Salaries, small salaries for our reporters. Rent, expensive Washington DC and New York City rent. Emailing costs us a lot. When you send out 25 million emails a year, it is far from free! Printing and publishing and mailing (many people get the Friday Fax as a monthly newsletter and they are a valuable part of our team!).


So you see, the Friday Fax is free to you but it is far from free to produce.


You can help us right now. First, with your prayers. I ask you to pray for us every single day. Second, you can support our work by going to www.c-fam.org/contribute


Once you click on that link, you will see a number of ways to give.


* By mail. You will find the address where to send your check.

* By credit card using our totally secure server that is hooked right into our bank.

* By PayPal.

* By wire transfer.


You can give from any country in the world and you do not have to be Catholic to give. We fight for all babies and all families! Evangelical families are under devilish attack in Latin American. We fight for them, too.


They are coming after your daughters, your grand-daughters and your sons and grand-sons but we can stop them. You cannot do what we do but you can help us do our work. Please go to www.c-fam.org/contribute and give as much as you can.


Yours sincerely,


Austin Ruse

PS If you file your taxes in the United States, your donation is fully tax deductible.

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